We are really glad to be back in the church on Sundays but flood damage is still keeping us out of the hall so we have been meeting in houses in and around the village. Email to get yourself on our mailing list and hear what’s coming up. 

Ignition will be back on Wednesday the 13th of September, so we’ve all got a week to get used to school again.

We’re looking forward to seeing you and your friends again, so keep an eye out for what’s coming up soon.  To see our Autumn programme, click here.

This term there’s a fantastic free book for you by Glen Scrivener unpacking some great questions like ‘What about other faiths?’

and ‘Why are Christians so weird about sex and sexuality?’ You can take a look at Glen’s book 321 here 3 2 1 | 10 of those UK

We’re also planning a DIY Curry Night and (if enough of you are ‘on board’) a paddleboarding adventure, and our next film night will be How To Train Your Dragon (because it’s brilliant).

See you soon!

We would love to see you at Ignition on a Wednesday evening or at any of our services. We usually meet in St Alkmund’s church hall in Duffield, between 7.30 and 9.00pm. You can find out more by exploring the website, and please email

Ignition 11-18

Ignition provides a relaxed opportunity to explore and discuss the message of the Bible and how it’s relevant to our lives today. Everyone’s welcome, whatever you believe.

Salt Cafe

Salt Cafe starts at 5.30pm just before our first evening service of the month in term time. (If you aren’t sure, drop Adam an email Salt Café is a place for 11-18 year olds to come and relax, hang out with friends, eat food and play games, before attending the evening service together.