Who We Are

Whether you are just looking at what goes on at St Paul’s or just new to the area and looking for a church, we would like to welcome you personally to our church.

We believe the Gospel should be central to our church, Our key aims are to: Teach, Tend, Reach, Send.

Gospel Centred
Because God is God he rightly deserves all honour, praise and glory – so everything at St Paul’s is ultimately for His glory, and therefore His glorious gospel is central to all that we do.

We believe that God has uniquely revealed himself in the bible, and so, the bible is true and relevant for today. That means teaching the bible is an essential.

We long for others to find a relationship with God too – that they would find God’s love and acceptance in Jesus.

Jesus commanded his followers to love, support and encourage each other, as we are built up as followers of Jesus, whatever circumstance we find ourselves in.

Our conviction that Jesus came to rescue us isn’t just limited to Little Eaton… but to all the world! God is God of the whole world,and so we want to encourage the work of spreading the good news of Jesus beyond our parish.

Prayer is talking to God, bringing before him the work of the church and the needs of the world. Praying reminds us that we depend on God for all we do.