Photo Policy

The United Benefice of Duffield and Little EatonPhoto Policy

A church community is all about the people involved and thus it is helpful to make use of photos of church life from time to time. Hence, you may notice photos being taken at services, events and other activities that take place across our Benefice.

We use these photos in news and publicity materials (such as our Parish Magazine, our Social Media channels/websites, noticeboards, etc), to help to inform others about the life of the Benefice; to promote our church services and other events; to communicate important news; and to provide information to individuals and organisations in the wider community.

In doing so, we take photos at services and other events that often involve large groups of people, some of whom may be visitors. This makes it impossible to obtain the consent of every person that might appear in a photograph, and therefore we rely on informing those who come to services and other events that we take and use photographs. We provide a point of contact (the Church Office) for dealing with any matters relating to the use of images.

We don’t name or otherwise identify children in photographs unless we have permission to do so, and will only name or otherwise identify adults where the context requires it (for example in relation to their particular role at a service or other event) and, where we have asked their permission. As far as possible we make use of shots of groups for publicity purposes, only using individual photographs where we have explicit permission.

We are committed to the safe use of photos, especially where children or vulnerable adults are concerned. We take very seriously our responsibility for GDPR, online privacy and safeguarding. If you have any concerns or questions in respect of the taking and use of photographs, please contact either the Vicar or the Parish Safeguarding Officers.

The United Benefice of Duffield and Little Eaton

September 2020