Weddings at St Paul’s

We are delighted at St Paul’s that you are considering getting married in church.

The church building caters well for smaller or larger weddings (St Paul’s seats up to about 120 people).  If you would like to consider being married at St Paul’s you will need to contact the vicar to discuss it further.  The Order of Service template for wedding couples can be downloaded here.

Can We Get Married At St Paul’s Church?

There are five ways in which you can be entitled to be married at St Paul’s Little Eaton, as set out by marriage law. For more detailed information click here.

a) Living in the parish (this does not just mean that your parents live in the village). You can find which parish you live in here.

b) Being on the Electoral Roll of the church (for this you have to attend church for six months).

c) By having a qualifying connection with the parish. For more details of what is a qualifying connection, click here.

d) By applying for a Special Licence from the Archbishop of Canterbury if you have a link with the parish (e.g. grew up in the village). This is rarely used now.

e) By being resident in the parish for 14 consecutive nights and, during this time, visiting the Registrar or his appointed surrogate. This only is used in exceptional circumstances.

If both of you are previously unmarried you would qualify to be married at St Paul’s Little Eaton by satisfying any one of these criteria. If either one of you have been married before then you will need to meet with the vicar to discuss possible arrangements.

Thanksgiving For A Marriage (Renewal Of Vows)

At St Paul’s, we are pleased to be part of an increasingly popular form of service that recognises and reinforces the ideal of marriage. Many people would like the opportunity to recall (not repeat) the promises they made to each other on their wedding day to reinforce their commitment. This might be on an anniversary, or after a ring has been lost, or to re-affirm your marriage.  The service is an opportunity to share your commitment to each other, before God, with everyone with whom you share your lives – your children and grandchildren, friends and neighbours.  The service can be both a public service at church, or in a private home.  If the service is private, no charge is made for services of Thanksgiving, though an appropriate donation to church would be appreciated. However, there is a charge for a service in church, and if an organist or choir is required.

For any enquiries, please contact the church office, or email