Baptisms at St Paul’s

What is baptism? Baptism is the outward sign of a commitment to Jesus in response to his commitment to us.

At St Paul’s we want to rejoice with you at the birth of your child. Children are a wonderful gift from God, and there is no greater gift a parent could wish for their child than the one God freely offers through Jesus Christ, the gift of forgiveness and new life.

Baptism is a sign that you, as parents have received that gift by faith and that you wish to raise your child to know that gift too.  In baptism, you as parents are making a public declaration to start your child on his or her journey in the Christian faith, and asking for the support of the Church family as you do that.

As baptism is such an important step, we want to meet with you before we go ahead. There are couple of meetings in our baptism preparation process to help you understand the meaning of baptism, the commitment it entails, and what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

For enquiries about baptisms please first contact us – please make contact before making any arrangements!

Is A Baptism The Same As A Christening?

Christening is just another name for baptism. The Church of England uses baptism because that is the biblical name for it.

Is Baptism A Naming Ceremony?

Not really. While the child’s name is used in the service, baptism has spiritual significance, If you would like to know more, then it is usual for a family to meet with the vicar to help you understand the meaning of baptism.

How Much Does It Cost?

Baptism in the Church of England is without charge. We are thrilled to welcome you and your child into the church family.

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