What We Believe

What we believe

We are an Anglican Church, committed to the core doctrines of historic Anglicanism, as expressed in the creeds, the 39 articles, and the Book of Common Prayer.

We believe that we come to Jesus Christ by faith alone, trusting in Christ alone, and that the Bible is our sole authority for understanding what it means to believe in Jesus Christ. We believe in Father, Son and Holy Spirit, one God in three persons.

We believe that God created the world, that he is sovereign over all things, and that he sent his Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins that we might no longer be God’s enemies, but so that we would be reconciled to God. To repent and believe is to turn our backs on our old life of living for self and ignoring God, and to turn to Jesus Christ as saviour and Lord.

Jesus’ Lordship extended to every area of our lives, and we seek together and as individuals to live for him each day, as a response to his grace, recognising that our assurance is based not on our works but solely on trusting in his death and resurrection.

We believe that when we turn to Christ we receive the Holy Spirit, and that he works with our spirit to enable us to become the people God has called us to be. He helps us to understand God’s word, and he prepares us for Jesus’ return. Jesus Christ will come as judge of the whole universe, and will take his people to be with him in a new heavens and a new earth.